"creativity is the best way to optimize advertising"
Quote from arturo Suárez

I started my career at an independent agency from colombia in june 2006 . although as intern i won my first award in 2005 at el ojo de iberoamérica festival. A nice fact, but the most important thing is that i love to come up with ideas that people would love, because that's the best way to optimize if you ask me. You have to make work that people actually care about, if it wins awards, better; but nothing more exciting than your non advertising friends talking about your campaign without knowing that you did it.
 Now, some technical stuff: 
 I've worked in BTL, ATL and digital teams from the most important agencies from Colombia.  
Awarded in multiple creative festivals. (Cannes, D&AD, EFFIE, LIA, El Sol, El Ojo, FIAP, FIP, WINA, el dorado, etc)
Currently working as General Creative Director in Cheil Colombia, named for the first time ever independent agency of the year 2019 under my creative command.

Last but not least:
                                       in my free time i sing, compose music, play guitar and try to play piano.                                      (You can watch a couple of my campaigns with music core) 
Proud father of my crazy little emma.

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